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Something about me

Daniele RAVAGNI 

I was born in Montalcino (Siena) in 1960.

I graduated in Florence and I live the profession of Architect as a pleasure and privilege.

 Despite my age, I consider myself a "young architect", for curiosity and desire to experiment; I opened my first studio in 1991 and I began to collaborate as a freelancer with the main architectural and urban planning studios in my city. After graduation I continued my relationship with the Faculty of Architecture of Florence, teaching as an expert in the courses of Design and olso in Exhibition Design and Museography.

From 1997 to 2001 I gave my contribution as a professional in the Public Administration as Technical Area Manager in the Municipalities of Asciano and Montepulciano in the Province of Siena. At the end of my professional experience in the Public Administration, I reorganized and moved my studio to the current location, resuming full-time my free profession.

I am interested in collective and public spaces and places (squares, schools, offices, social housing, hospitals, prisons, parking lots...); I try, through the project, to give pleasure, emotions, to arouse "visions" such as to make more "close" the relationship between these places and those who live, inhabit, use them.

Everything that is "vision", from photography (of architecture that I practice), to “cinema” (which I love), to painting and sculpture (in the broadest sense of contemporary art), captures my attention.

I really like good food and good wine. I don't smoke but I can't say no to a "havana" a glass of good "ron" and dark chocolate.

"To be an architect you have to love life" said a great contemporary architect ...

For some years I have been trying to set up an international network of professionals (*officina virtuale) able to govern the complexity of making architecture, to propose itself as an innovative tool and to contrast the present crisis, to get out of the Italian "provincialism" and enter the European and global competition with quality, skills and competences.

Within OV-Officina Virtuale, registered trademark of Research and Development of my Architecture Studio ,  in the last three years  I have dedicated a large part of my energies and resources to new technologies that could facilitate and make our work qualitatively better. As an architect-craftsman, when the tools I have at my disposal don't fully satisfy the result, I build myself, or at least I try to, the most effective and specific tool. Hence the development of a software platform capable of bringing OpenDATA GIS into BIM and from here into openBIM IFC ; with this Autodesk Revit Plugin (still under license for developers waiting for the funding needed to become a Product) I won the BIM&DIGITAL Award 2022. We are now developing an innovative, one of a kind, IFC and generic 3D file viewer, including Point Clouds, to overcome the " slowness and dreariness " of many current viewers. 

A very fast, multi-project and "beautiful" open data Viewer  ... halfway between Revit and Photoshop. Architects need to communicate beauty, so why not share and communicate our projects better with more beautiful images and videos?


Globalizing ideas, localizing architecture 



Award  2022





"Give GIS/OpenDATA to BIM by openBIM (IFC) - Platform GIS+=BIM Plugin di Revit"


Pres_GIS+=BIM_ENPres_GIS+=BIM_EN [5.754 Kb]



VINNER  of the BIM&DIGITAL Award 2017